G1ANT warehouse – Public meeting this Saturday


There will be a public meeting at Sutton Courtenay Village Hall this Saturday, September 14th, from 15.00 to 16.30. to discuss the latest threat to our village:

A warehouse development the size of 10 football pitches with approx. 1,400 HGV lorry movements a day… all within less than 100m of the nearest houses of our village!

690+ parking spaces… just think what that will do for traffic through our village!

And guess where the sewage will be going?

You can read more about this application, and more importantly register your objection before September 20, 2013 here.

If you value our village and wish to keep Sutton Courtenay rural now is the time to make your voice heard – OBJECT!

Kind Regards

KSCR Committe