220 additional homes planned for Sutton Courtenay

The  VOWH have published their local plan for 2031. Driven by Government policy they have decided we need another 220 houses as per the map below..
Notice how they have “forgotten” to show existing planning applications approved already along Milton Road, not to mention other large scale developments like Amey’s and the Catholic Church site.
That is a total of 475 new homes in a little over 3 years – A nearly 50% increase in the size of our village – and still no sign of infrastructure improvement.

You can read more about the report on the VOWH site here


You can see details of what they have in store for us and other poor villages here Strategic Sites February 2014

And here is a picture taken recently from the proposed site, surface water is most definitely a problem here:

2006-01-29 17.00.45

If you think you can help us fighting this in any way, please contact us, let us keep Sutton Courtenay rural.