A sad day for Sutton Courtenay

Not good news on keeping Sutton Courtenay rural.  The application for outline permission for 34 houses at the end of Milton Road has been passed by the Vale planning committee.

This was despite KSCR getting an expert witness to state that the drainage of the site had not been properly examined by the developer and there was unknown flooding risk to surrounding and downstream properties as a consequence of the development.  Indeed our expert, a Senior Lecturer at University College London specialising in flood hazard, stated that  “the developer’s assessment does not identify the wider catchment area of the Ginge Brook (which receives water from the site) and the potential impact on downstream properties. This view is required for a development of this nature”.

The planning committee chose to ignore this advice.  Indeed our own County Councillor Richard Webber was “on the horns of a dilemma” and could not draw himself to vote against the application. The application was passed 8 votes in favour with 6 abstentions.

With the remainder of the Amey development, Pye, Redrow and Hobbyhorse Lane we now can’t stop an extra 500 cars being on the roads of the village within a couple of years and at least an extra 30 pupils wanting to attend the primary school.  There are other significant new developments likely to be applied for around the village as well. The government’s planning guidance is heavily biased in favour of developers at the moment and greenfield sites yield larger profits than brownfield.

On other matters, the mega-warehouse scheme next to the village is now under consideration by the Vale and the Redrow development for 65 houses north of Milton Road, which was given outline planning permission in the spring, has now come back for full planning permission.  Although the Redrow development can’t be stopped, you can comment on the more detailed plans on the Vale website, references P13/V2321/RM, P13/V2324/DIS. Lastly, the FCC application for its Waste Transfer Facility is likely to be considered at the OCC Planning Committee on Monday 2 Dec at 2pm.

The only slight ray of hope was a concession the Vale planning committee made at the October meeting in which the combined effect on the village of all this development carnage will be considered at some stage in the future.  Unfortunately great damage to the rural nature of the village has already been and continues to be done.

If you can help KSCR in any way please get in touch. Any legal expertise would be very welcome.  Lastly, thanks to the continued support that is being given to KSCR. It is greatly appreciated.