Make your feelings known at the Planning Committee meeting.

The Planning Committee  members have not voted yet, but will be guided by the planning officer’s recommendation in the absence of any other influences; come and help us to stop this affront to our democratic, peaceful and rural way of life.

There is no appeal for us if this is approved by the committee on the 8th May! If this site is approved, then the “floodgates” will be opened to other unscrupulous, greedy developers and landowners to destroy our lovely village.

We will be meeting “underneath the arches” in Abingdon from 18:00 this Wednesday 8th May to meet councillors as they arrive for the the Planning Committee that will consider approving the application

This planning meeting starts 18.30 on Wednesday, May 8th at:

Council Chambers
Abbey House
Abbey Close
OX14 3JE

Please check this news site for news and further information and any last minute changes to the meeting schedule

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4 thoughts on “Make your feelings known at the Planning Committee meeting.

  1. “Over my dead body”
    Last December, when Heike Nicholls first agreed to meet pushy Pye Homes representatives Graham Flint, Daniel Hayman and John Ashton at her beautiful bungalow, she had no idea how future events would unfold.

    These slick “salesmen” had come to persuade her and her husband Kevin that Pye Homes proposed development was a good thing for her and for the wider community.

    Heike’s home is surrounded by the proposed development and of all the residents is arguably the worst affected. What had been vibrant open countryside a few feet from their lovely home would now become an intrusive eyesore. They were to be severely overlooked and dominated by many two storey houses just a few feet from their large windows; their quality of life they had worked so hard to establish would now be completely destroyed.

    Once these men had made their presentation, Heike clearly stated the above quote “Over my dead body”.

    Later at the Pye Exhibition at the village hall Heike was clearly heard saying the same phrase over and over again; she was appalled at the concept of this greedy land grabbing.
    In the past few months Heike and Kevin were both involved in KSCR and befriended many neighbours affected by these Pye and Redrow plans.

    Heike has been in constant turmoil since this first meeting because of the anxiety and uncertainty this development has brought. Sadly the very people that should have been protecting her at the local planning office seem “hell bent” on granting permission without paying any attention at all to concerns of their real employers, us the residents!

    At every step of the way, Pye homes representatives have given the clear impression that “resistance is futile”, they know that they have won!

    Heike could see that her dream home and life with Kevin was about to be “turned upside down”. This highly stressful situation and the constant feeling of hopelessness took its toll on Heike’s health.

    On her way to bed early Sunday morning 21st of April Heike had a lethal brain haemorrhage and collapsed. She was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

    Kevin would ask the Vale planners, Pye Homes and the landowners, are more unnecessary houses and a few more £s really worth all of the suffering you have caused and continue to cause? Enough is enough!

    Listen to your conscience and withdraw from this needless onslaught on our village way of life, you have “blood on your hands”!
    For Heike

    • Despicable, mercenary and heartless behaviour from the very planners that should be looking after our interests!
      You are a very brave man for writing this Mr Nicholls! I am so dreadfully sorry about your wife’s untimely death. I hope that some of the people involved read this heart wrenching account and realise their folly.

    • Dear Kevin,

      Please accept my sincere condolences on your loss. I met you both briefly while attending KSCR meetings, and it was quite apparent that the planning applications had a significant impact on your lives.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and let us hope that the Planning Committee considers the wider impact of their actions.

      Kind Regards


  2. Did you know that the Council will receive a cash bonus from the Government of over £8,500 for each new house on a planning application they approve?

    That is over £250,000 for approving the Pye Homes planning application…

    The Government seem hell bent on getting the economy moving through house building.
    Have they forgotten what happened in Ireland and Spain?

    Here is an interesting BBC article on the subject:

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