Planning Officer reccomends Pye Homes application

In spite of strenuous objections from 109 local residents and KSCR, the planning officer, Mr Adrian Duffield, has decided to recommend that the Pye Homes application to build 34 homes off Milton Road be granted by the VOWH Planning Committee.

In their rush to accept this proposal they have completely ignored professional expert opinion and rational well structured objections from their own ratepayers and have seemingly accepted inaccurate data as fact.

We have serious misgivings about the accuracy of the data the planning officer has been provided with in order to reach his decision.  As you may know we have commissioned our own Automatic Traffic Count (ATC) at the end of Milton Road.  We are confident that the accurate results will prove that the traffic flow and speeds along this stretch of road show the original data provided by Pye to be flawed and wholly inaccurate. This new data will show that access to this site is highly dangerous and the scheme should be refused on road safety, sewage, flooding and many other grounds.

We were originally told that this planning committee meeting would be around the 23rd of May. We therefore commissioned our 7 day ATC on this basis, especially now that Gasworks have finished and we can get accurate traffic flow data.  We were shocked to discover that on the day of our device being installed the meeting been cynically brought forward to the 8th of May, giving us no time to complete our count! In spite of incomplete data and expert evidence that this scheme is unsustainable the planning officers David Rothery, Adrian Duffield and their boss Anna Robinson have recommended acceptance of the Pye proposal!

The Planning Committee will consider approving the application at a meeting to be held at 18.30 on Wednesday, May 8th at:
Council Chambers
Abbey House
Abbey Close
OX14 3JE

Naturally, KSCR will make their firm objections clear at the meeting, but, disappointingly, the Council has allocated a TOTAL SPEAKING TIME OF JUST 3 MINUTES for all objectors, not much time for 109 residents to voice their objections!

We sincerely hope that you will join us in a protest meeting outside the Council Chambers early next Wednesday evening to support our objection to this immensely damaging and unsustainable planning application.



3 thoughts on “Planning Officer reccomends Pye Homes application

  1. How on Earth can we get to a situation where a Planning Officer recommends a planning application in spite of:
    -Thames Water telling him that the drainage infrastructure is unable to cope with the additional homes.
    – All the surface water from the site is drained straight into Ginge Brook thereby significantly increasing the flooding risk of properties downstream from the proposed development.
    – Overwhelming objections from local residents
    – Insufficient traffic impact analysis

    Deplorable behaviour.

    • I agree Grumpy
      This is a mad state of affairs, driven by an overwhelming desire to accept every planning application possible and make £millions in bonuses for the Vale.
      They do not seem to appreciate the life changing devastation they are causing in our community, shame on them!

  2. It seems that even after exhaustive “consultations” and expensive professional reports, whatever the evidence overwhelmingly shows, the score is always Developers – 1, Sutton Courtenay Residents – 0
    There is something radically wrong here isn’t there?
    I think we need a new referee!

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